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Concealed Carry License

This course will give students the knowledge and skill set to be confident with a pistol while giving them a stress free training environment. This class is great for beginners or students wanted to improve their shooting skills. Students needing their certificate for concealed carry will meet the state requirements while attending this course. Classes start at 9AM and can last up to 8 hours depending on size and number of questions asked.

Topics to be discussed are:
-Oklahoma SDA Act
-Handgun Safety
-Home Safety
-Range Safety
-Ammunition Overview
-Unloading and Loading Pistol or Revolver
-Unloading and Loading Magazines
-Pistol Selection
-Handgun Handling Techniques
-The Six Fundamentals of Handgun Shooting
-Concealed Carry Considerations
-Situational Awareness 

Required Equipment:
- Semi-Automatic Handgun or Revolver
- Baseball Cap, Ear and Eye Protection 

- 50 rounds of ammunition