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Rifle 101

The course is designed for your beginner looking to learn the basics of rifle shooting. During the classroom portion, students are taught rifle safety rules, nomenclature, loading and unloading, fundamentals and more. The range allows students the opportunity to apply their newly learned skills during live fire training. Classes start at 9AM and can last up to 8 hours depending on size and number of questions asked.

Topics to be discussed:
-Legal Overview
-Rifle Nomenclature
-Handgun Safety
-Home Safety
-Range Safety
-Ammunition Overview
-Unloading and Loading Rifle
-Unloading and Loading Magazines
-Rifle Selection and Attachments Considerations
-Rifle Handling Techniques
-Fundamentals of Rifle Shooting
-Rifle Handling Techniques

Required Equipment:
- Rifle (10.5 or longer barrel)
- At least 2 magazines
- Ear and Eye Protection

- 60 rounds minimum