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Close Quarter Pistol Operator

This course was created to transition students from stationary live fire training into effective defensive shooting while utilizing the semi-automatic pistol. Each student will leave this course with the knowledge, mindset, and techniques needed to survive a deadly force close quarters encounter. Classes start at 9AM and can last up to 8 hours depending on size and number of questions asked.

Some Topics Discussed:
- Combat mindset
- The OODA loop process
- Drawing from Concealment and Holster
- Point vs Precision Shooting
- Retention Techniques
- Clearing Malfunctions Under Stress
- Immediate Action Drills
- Shooting on the Move
- Utilizing Cover and Concealment
- After Threat Care  

Equipment Needed:
- Semi-Automatic Pistol
- At least 2 magazines
- Belt mounted, dominant side holster
- Magazine pouches
- Sturdy belt 1.5" preferred
- Footwear suitable for movement and turning
- Hat with a brim
- Eye wear or prescription glasses
- Earmuffs and earplugs

-300 rounds