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2 Day Pistol & Rifle Operator

Survival is based upon having a plan and being prepared to immediately implement your plan when confronted with an armed subject. This course provides students with the techniques necessary to defend themselves and survive during a close quarter pistol engagement. Students will also learn to overcome malfunctions, learn to shoot accurately from a variety of positions simulating real world cover and concealment obstacles, transitions from primary to secondary weapon systems and movement while engaging targets.  This course is broken into 2 days, 6 hours each, beginning at 9am.

Topics Discussed:
-Combat Mindset
-The OODA Loop Process
-Drawing from Concealment and Holster
-Carbine Overview
-CQB Zeroing Importance
-High Ready VS Low Ready
-Understanding CQB Rifle Holds
-Loading, unloading, reloading and malfunction clearing
-Transitioning Considerations
-Point vs Precision Shooting
-Retention Techniques
-Clearing Malfunctions Under Stress
-Immediate Action Drills
-Shooting on the Move
-Utilizing Cover and Concealment
-After Threat Care
-Reality Based Scenario Training

Equipment Needed:
-Semi-automatic rifle or carbine with sling
-At least 2 rifle magazines
-Rifle Sling
-Magazine pouches
-At least 2 handgun magazine
-Belt mounted holster and mag pouches
-Plate carriers are optional
-1.5 wide belt
- Hat with a brim
- Knee and elbow pads
- Eye protection
- Ear and Eye Protection
- Footwear suitable for movement and turning

-500 rounds