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Carbine Rifle Operator

Designed to transition students from stationary live fire into effective defensive shooting while using the modern rifle. Each student will leave this course with the knowledge and skills to survive a deadly force encounter with the use of their rifle. Classes start at 9AM and can last up to 8 hours depending on size and number of questions asked.

Some Topics Discussed:
- Combat mindset
- The OODA loop process
- Carbine Overview
- CQB Zeroing Importance
- High Ready VS Low Ready
- Understanding CQB Rifle Holds
- Loading, unloading, reloading and malfunction clearing
- Transitioning Considerations
- Shooting on the Move
- After Threat Care
- Reality Based Scenario Training 

Equipment Needed:
- Semi-automatic rifle or carbine with sling
- At least 2 rifle magazines
- Rifle Sling
- Magazine pouches
- Handgun
- At least 2 handgun magazines
- Belt mounted holster and mag pouches
- Plate carriers are optional
- 1.5 wide belt
- Hat with a brim
- Knee and elbow pads
- Eye protection
- Earmuffs and earplugs
- Footwear suitable for movement and turning

- 500 rifle rounds, 150 pistol rounds