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There are a many reasons to take a self-defense course. Most importantly, it helps you become mentally aware of imminent dangers in case you have to defend yourself or your family. The reality is, there are real criminals and real dangers in our society so we have to be prepared.

To deal with these threats we must have an offensive mental and physical plan of action. Having no plan for how to deal with these situations leaves you vulnerable. The facts are that self-defense training lets you take charge, defuse, de-escalate, increases your situational awareness, and defend yourself and those around you.

Classes start at 9AM and can last up to 8 hours depending on size and number of questions asked.

Topics to be discussed are:
-Combat Mindset
-Situational Awareness
-Take-Down Defense and more

Required Equipment:
- Boxing Gloves
- Mouth Piece
- Athletic Clothing
-Water Athletic Wear