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Range Closure schedule for the Oklahoma 2023 NSCA Sporting Clay Championship

We will be utilizing the entire property for the Oklahoma 2023 NSCA Sporting Clays Championship. (CLICK HERE register on

We will shut down courses in stages leading up to June 15th when everything will be closed.  The schedule is as follows:

- May 29th: Close down Super Sporting (White Course).  Everything else is open
- June 5th: Close down Members Course (Blue Course). Everything except Blue and White Sporting Clay courses will be open.
- June 14th: LAST DAY TO SHOOT until July 5th.  Red Course, Wobble, 5-stand, Rifle/Pistol/360 Pit and Archery will be available.
- June 15th: CLOSED until July 5th
- June 22-25: Oklahoma 2023 NSCA Sporting Clays Championship DETAILS

If you would like to volunteer to help, please click here and fill out the form!

Nestled just south of Tulsa, in the rolling hills of Eastern Oklahoma, Snake Creek Shooting Sports facility has been tailored for the shooting sport enthusiast.  From its 4 miles of trails that have been carved into the woods, to its mirror like ponds as a backdrop to your shooting fun, Snake Creek Shooting Sports was made to be the perfect venue for the shooting enthusiast.  With our 2,500 square foot open air pavilion we can host meetings, events, fundraisors or just days of coming out for fun.  No matter what you choose to do while you are here, you and your guests will enjoy the escape.  Our full-time expert staff are always available and will do their best to cater to your needs while you shoot.  You can do some, or all, of the shooting sports listed below.

Sporting Clays

This is like golf but with shotguns.  Our facility has 3 separate courses made up of 2 sporting clay courses and 1 super sporting course.  Each course was designed by Heyward Cunningham, one of the best course designers in America.  All of our clay targets are set by one of the best target setters, Abel Spire (our in-house shotgun pro).  Our sporting clay courses are a 13 station public course and our member's only course is 14 stations. Our super sporting course is 7 stations.  Keep score and have a little competition or just relax and have a fun day in the woods.

We are also home of the Oklahoma 2023 NSCA Sporting Clays Championship!


This challenging clay sport can have up to 5 shooters at a time.  While standing above 2 throwers that oscillate, the clays are thrown to simulate quail in a field. This event throws clays at an undetermined height, direction and speed challenging the shooter to instantly react to the target.  This is also a great place for up to 5 shooters to work together to stop a flurry of clays from hitting the ground.


This clay sport is one of the most fun shooting sports we have.  You can either have a 5-person team compete with other teams or just have fun shooting from 5 different stands shooting targets thrown from 6 different machines.

Rifle Range (50/100/200 Yards)

You will have a great time shooting at our one-of-a-kind covered rifle range.  With targets at 50, 100 and 200 yards, everyone will be challenged to hit their targets.  Perfect length for sighting in your guns for hunting season!

Pistol Range (Up to 15 Yards)

With movable targets our 15-yard pistol range offers challenges to all.  Since the targets are movable, you can also have competitions for all skill levels.