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Snake Creek Shooting Sports has teamed up with Alpha 1 Tactical so that our customers can receive some of the best training offered.  As with any school/training the education is only as good as your instructors.  We are please to have partnered with such an amazing group of highly qualified instructors.  You can learn about them here!

We have classes ranging from Intro classes all the way to Elite Tactical classes for the person that wants to be the best!  Be sure to check out all of our classes below.

Introductory Courses

Concealed Carry

The Oklahoma Self-Defense Act course is designed to satisfy the requirements to obtain a Concealed Carry License. This course is mandatory for citizens wanting to carry in any state which recognizes Oklahoma handgun license reciprocity.

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Women's Only Pistol Fundementals (Concealed Carry)

This course will give students the knowledge and skill set to be confident with a pistol while giving them a stress free training environment. This class is great for beginners or students wanted to improve their shooting skills. Students needing their certificate for concealed carry will meet the state requirements while attending this course.

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Intro to Pistol

This class discusses the safe gun handling and basic shooting fundamentals with your firearm.  During the classroom portion, students are taught firearms safety rules, handgun handling techniques, nomenclature fundamentals and more. The range portion allows students the opportunity to apply their newly learned skills during live fire training.

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Intro to Rifle

The course is designed for all skill levels looking to learn or improve their basics of rifle shooting. During the classroom portion, students are taught rifle safety rules, nomenclature, loading and unloading, fundamentals and more. The range allows students the opportunity to apply their newly learned skills during live fire training. 

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Intro to Long Rifle

Students in this course will learn the basic principles of shooting a bolt action rifle. How to disassemble for maintenance, zero optics and adjust for varying distances. Students will learn proper holds, body positions for stable shooting platforms and use this during a practical application of skills during live fire.

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Intro to Shotgun

This class is great for the beginner shooter or for shooters that simply want more formal training or familiarization. Whether you would like to hunt, prepare for defensive shooting, or simply become more familiar with the ever-popular shotgun, this is the class for you. Students wishing to bring in shotguns other than the standard pump action may do so, but please understand that we will only be covering the standard pump and Semi- automatic shotgun action platform.

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Mid-Level Courses

Pistol/Rifle Operator 2-Day Course

Survival is based upon having a plan and being prepared to immediately implement your plan when confronted with an armed subject. This course provides students with the techniques necessary to defend themselves and survive during a close quarter pistol engagement. Students will also learn to overcome malfunctions, learn to shoot accurately from a variety of positions simulating real world cover and concealment obstacles, transitions from primary to secondary weapon systems and movement while engaging targets. 

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Shotgun Operator

This course is being developed and will be online soon!

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Low Light Tactics

Students will learn the characteristics, and tactics used for efficient shooting in a low light environment. This course will cover light discipline, pros and cons of using white light whether weapon mounted or handheld, situational awareness of the environmental illumination, engaging targets in a dark environment using light indoors and outdoors. This is a two-part course, a classroom discussion and a live fire practical application.

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React to the Threat Courses

Active Shooter Survival Techniques (2-Hour Course)

The Active Shooter Survival class was designed for Civilians, and Corporations, to give themselves and their employees a plan for surviving an active shooter event. Topics include the history and frequency of active shooter events, violent encounter indicators, civilian and employee response to stress, civilian and employee  response options, medical considerations and more. This 2-Hour course is about surviving the event.  The 4-Hour Course is about surviving & responding to the event.

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Active Shooter Response Techniques (4-Hour Course)

The Active Shooter Response class was designed for Civilians and Corporations alike. The course was designed to give students a plan for not only surviving an active shooter event but also how to react to it. Topics include the history and frequency of active shooter events, violent encounter indicators, civilian response to stress, civilian response options, medical considerations and more.

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Women's Only Self-Defense

Ladies will learn how skills to keep themselves from ever becoming a target of violence. Skills ranging from spotting threats and threat assessment, situational awareness, reading body language, good practices to perform while in public as well as defensive techniques during contact situations.

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There are a many reasons to take a self-defense course. Most importantly, it helps you become mentally aware of imminent dangers in case you have to defend yourself or your family. The reality is, there are real criminals and real dangers in our society so we have to be prepared.

To deal with these threats we must have an offensive mental and physical plan of action. Having no plan for how to deal with these situations leaves you vulnerable. The facts are that self-defense training lets you take charge, defuse, de-escalate, increases your situational awareness, and defend yourself and those around you.

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After the Threat Courses

First Aid and CPR

This course gives basic medical practical knowledge in order to be certified in CPR and is a pre-requisite for our more comprehensive casualty course.

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Stop the Bleed (Emergency Casual Care)

This course takes an in depth look at trauma care and performing emergency triage. Students will learn casualty identification and extraction, proper application of tourniquets, packing and dressing a wound, treating a sucking chest wound and more. This course is designed to give students the tools to save a life, possibly their own in a critical situation.

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Elite Tactical Courses

Vehicle Close Quarter Combat

The purpose of this course is to give students insight into the increasing dangers of vehicle ambushes. Students will learn the dynamics of shooting from a vehicle and counter ambush techniques. Shooting drills will include rapid pistol/rifle deployment while engaging threats from the inside, around, and over vehicles while utilizing cover and concealment to effectively defeat the threat. Students will learn the importance of ballistic deflection, deformation, and penetration. Students will demonstrate and apply the information during live fire exercises and stress induced reality based training.

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Fundamentals of Building Clearing

Students will learn the skills and thought processes to put into practice when clearing a building solo. The basics of learning how to enter a room, situational awareness, maintaining the element of surprise, different techniques involved with one man clearing, target identification

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Close Quarter Combat Techniques

Students will learn safety and skills of working as part of a multi person element to clear and engage targets in a confined area. This course focuses on the dangers involved with multiple people, multiple weapons, and the psychological and physiological issues that come with the situation. Students learn how to properly and safely adapt through and over obstacles commonly found in real world scenarios.

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Basics of Night Vision

Students will learn the nomenclatures, different optic systems and attachment devices, care and maintenance of night vision devices. The pros and cons of each and their trade offs in specific environments. How to work and function under night vision, correcting issues without removing gear, and putting new skill into play shooting pistol under night vision.

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God of Nods

Students will learn and use patrolling techniques as a multi person element under night vision and silence. Students will learn raid techniques in simulated searches for high value targets while having to identify threats and engage targets using rifle and pistol all while under night vision.

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